Our story

How the idea was born:

Hunting is lifestyle, a way of thinking and a whole philosophy. Andrey Kondratyev (username Kondrat 69 on Guns. ru website), the founder of the Scorpio Company, is an inveterate hunter himself with a constructive mindset. Being a hunting lover from an ambush on a tree in particular, Andrey was trying to come up with an idea of how to make a labaz samolaz with his own hands for several months.

So one day, back in December 2010, he finally came up with the idea of ​​constructing one that did not require any additional equipment to be raised to a height.

How the company was founded:

Labaz Samolaz, a special hunting chair, when assembled was very easy to carry over the shoulders like a backpack. It was noiseless when climbing a tree. Moreover, it was way cheaper than its foreign counterparts. The idea was perfected to the smallest detail during the summer of 2011 in the garage; and in the fall of 2013 it finally went into series of production in a well-established workshop. That was the birth of the brand, the brand loved by thousands of hunters from all over the world, the brand named Scorpio.

logo company

The very first model turned out to be so successful that the young company sold several copies of it during the first month on the hunting forum. It inspired Andrey Kondratyev to start working on different models of it.

How the new models were developed:

By 2014, professional engineers were involved in the development of new models. They were using modern equipment for modeling loads in metal products.

Thanks to that, the company was able to achieve a high durability margin factor with a minimum weight of the product, which guarantees the absolute safety of using the tristend when hunting from an ambush, regardless of its duration.

Timeline of the main products:

  • Labaz Samolaz by Scorpio, model «Comfort» — first quarter of 2014
  • Lever aluminum tristend «Skif» — August-September 2015
  • Tree climbing steps — July 2015
  • Chair, model «Hare» — August 2015
  • Chair, model «Beaver» — March 2016

The current models of hunting equipment have been tested many times in the field — both by the developers and employees of Scorpio, as well as by our customers, and have received many good reviews.

During the testing process, new optional parts appeared in the design of steel Labaz Samolaz and aluminum tristends to ensure maximum equipment availability. There were also improvements made to help get the trophy in various conditions.

Product certification

In the first quarter of 2014, Scorpio products were voluntarily certified, and there is a corresponding document to confirm that.

Product certification Scorpio

Scorpio opens an online store

Also, in 2014, the company launched its first website: 9l

Scorpio opens an online store

The website has successfully helped hunters from Russia and other CIS countries with purchasing unique models of Scorpio’s ​Labaz Samolaz​, and attracted a lot of wholesale buyers.

In December 2016, a new, improved website was created, which implemented innovations dictated by modernity. 

  • There is an adaptive version of the website for mobile devices;
  • A secure protocol for the transfer of personal data has been introduced — HTTPS;
  • There is a transparent order method for retail and wholesale buyers;
  • A convenient personal account has been developed.

Scorpio today

Currently, Scorpio products have already been rated by more than 1000 hunters in Russia and CIS countries, as well as more than 200 customers from non-CIS countries — the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Latvia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Guadeloupe and other countries.

Feedback from our foreign customers can be found on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/drfoxfiontech​.

Today, Scorpio’s range of products includes not only tristands of several modifications, but also various accessories for hunting and fishing. The range is constantly expanding, so stay tuned!

SCORPIO: Made with character. Made in Russia.